Someone vandalized our phone line

I don't know why that shocks me but it did. We reported our phone and dsl out at 9:15. When we left the house about an hour later, we saw that the line had been cut and the loose part tied to the guardrail on the bridge. Someone stealing the metal inside , they said, when I called to tell them where it was. I suppose this is an ideal place, there's probably only about 5 or 6 cars past that spot all day and most of them are my neighbors. but still. . .

Happy Thankgiving!!

We had a great Thanksgiving overstuffing ourselves with 2 wonderful dinners. One at my sister's and one at my beloved hubby's sister's. We got to talk to the nephew in Iraq which was great. He'll be coming home in December which is even greater.

a special note of thanks to my mom who came here and let my inside dogs out while we were at my inlaws so we could be thankful for a clean floor when we got home. Buddy never did let her close to him. My brother is up from Dayton and he tried hot dogs but Buddy wouldn't even come close enough to pick them up off the ground where he threw them.

Lots of great desserts too. My stepmom sent me a recipe for a pumpkin angel food cake that was great and really easy. All you do is make a box mix angel food cake according to directions but add 1/2 C pumpkin and 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice with the other ingredients. Great for diabetics because it's something they can have a big piece of. We also had Eggnog Chocolate Pie which was wonderful...

Buddy and the Young'uns

So, Gaven and Lenora came back with us after church today and I had them hesitate to get out of the car. For all that the "vicious breed" stuff usually gets under my skin, I have to admit that certain breeds seem to give less warning than others and I was a little cautious having this dog I've only known for a few weeks meet kids I care so much about (especially withthe four year olds face at teeth level for him) I lectured the kids on keeping very still and not putting their hands over his head or kicking at him if they're being carried etc... We get out of the car, Buddy runs up to Gaven who did exactly what he was supposed to do. Buddy sniffed at him, Gaven stuck his hand out, (low, palm up) and said, really nicely "Hi Buddy" At which point Buddy ran for his life onto the back porch and barked a couple of times from behind the railing. He would NOT come near the kids. Le le opened the big front door when she noticed him up on the front porch and as soon as she came near the storm door he ran down into the yard by the car. Later, I opened the back door and Buddy ran up trying to get into the house like he always does until he saw Gaven standing in front of the dryer and then he ran down off the porch into the yard. I was so worried about how he'd be with kids but by the time we took the kids home, I felt like I had to reassure my poor scaredy dog that I wouldn't let the mean children hurt him.

Animal Farm update part 2

We took the other half of the herd to the vet today. He's impressed with Ludo's progress. The heart murmur is still there but not as obvious. He's filled out tremendously. If he keeps doing this well, we'll be able to do surgery on the growth on his chest in January. We're very lucky that everyone gets along (so far). My poor skinny old cat is just showing her age and my great big moose cat is NOT overweight at 17lbs. The only negative thing (aside from the bill) was that I forgot to give Loki dramamine before we left so he hurled. He managed to miss the plastic tablecloth that we covered the back seat with as well as the floor mat but he did hit the cat cage and the exposed carpet over the hump between the seats. My hubby didn't appreciate me laughing at the fact that he'd be driving to Westlake with a smelly car but then, I was the one cleaning the source of the smell while he got dressed for the meeting so I figure I can laugh all I want.

The first snow of the year.

There's something about the very first snowfall that's romantic. Everything's all fluffy and wonderful and you walk around humming carols and thinking about Christmas. You make Hot Chocolate or tea or cider or something and you stand by the window watching it float down with your significant other... or, in my case this morning, sit in a comfy chair with cats on my lap ... purring of course... to watch it drift down and blanket everything in softness and sparkles. You daydream about being a kid and doing things like catching snowflakes on your tongue and building snowmen and having snowball fights and sledding and all that great kid/snow stuff...
Tomorrow, you'll remember you're the grownup and not a kid and the only snow fight you'll be having any time soon will be the first of many involving a shovel to be joined by the wrestling matches with the nasty cold stuff as you try to get the brush out of the car without letting too much of the snow in. You'll find the ugly boots that keep your feet warm until you step in a puddle... which you always do and for some reason the makers of snow boots haven't caught on to the fact that icy water always seems to be lurking somewhere near falling snow so they don't make them waterproof. You'll cuss the driving and freezing and the heating bill.

But, let that start tomorrow. Today is the first day of the snow.. when it's still pretty and romantic and Christmassy and you haven't had time to be frustrated just yet. Today is the day for afghans and cats on laps and warm beverage and snuggling and fireplaces and gazing dreamily out the window while you hum.


My hubby hurt his back drilling holes for the new porch's supports.. of all things, they hit a root. Many many thanks to Brian for helping him and keeping him from killing himself instead of just hurting his back. It's a big job. We got the concrete in the post holes without losing a dog in it. Hopefully, we'll have another porch by Christmas.

I finally got the painting in the church nursery finished.. We now have a sky with a rainbow in it.

We had the new guy to the vet again.. He's been unofficially named "buddy" which is just half a step up from "hey you". He has no heartworm and we're giving him medication for other worms just in case. I'm starting to get to where I can't tell one poo from the other anymore and I'd rather pay for worm medicine than put too much effort into watching dogs take a dump. We've finally got so many animals that we can't take them all in one carload to the vet. Buddy is liking the car thing but he wants to ride with his head on your shoulder so he can look out the front window. He has an infection where Ludo expressed his displeasure of sharing food dishes by biting him in the head. He is NOT neutered and I don't know how I missed that but then, I didn't get my face right down there or give him a grope the way the vet did. The Shar Pei my inlaws had gave obvious evidence of his non-neutered state but this guy is apparently more discrete. Probably because of his youth.

We've had the new guy to the vet

No chip, unfortunately. We have an appointment on Friday to check his overall health.

and.. speaking of change...

Look who showed up here last night. This was who greeted my Beloved Hubby when he got home from Karate last night. He's neutered and has had a recent manicure but, of course, he's starving and matted and has no collar. We're feeding him because we really have no choice. He keeps eating the LAST stray dog's food. I have a call in to the vet's office. I am going to take him there and have him checked out for parasites and, hopefully, a locator chip that will find his loving and worried owners.


Well, at least the campaining is over. Let's hope change is good.

Election eve

And, quite frankly I'm also kind of nervous.