Memorial Day

What a wonderful, long, busy, fun, thought-provoking weekend. Maybe especially thought provoking since my nephew is in the service on his way to someplace warm and scary. I'm very proud of him for being the kind of person to do what he believes in and to put himself into all he does but I do wish that meant he'd be home to do it.

All in all, it was the all American kick off to summer. We got work done, we got picnicking done and we got paraded and serviced out. I herded a snapping turtle off of the road. He was less than grateful but I didn't get bit. I found a great recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb pie on Recipezaar.

YAY!! New Table!!

See what we did with our income tax return!!

Happy Belated Birthday to me

My get together last night went very well. My birthday present from my beloved Hubby is on its way this week. My present to myself of my favorite author's latest is also on its way maybe today. My house is so clean it's painful. It's raining so I can't go out and do the few little things I have to do out there. Last but certainly not least, it's too cold to go down and organize the basement shelves (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) so, I think I'll make myself a honking big cup of hot chocolate and curl up in a quilt and watch reruns. Happy lazy birthday present to myself.
Oh, and look at the gorgeous petunias on my porch!

Poor old dog

Our poor old girl is having fewer and fewer good days even now that the weather is turning nice. I so dread having to put her down but I know it's coming. Here's to better days

Pictures from last night's adventure

Busy week so far

. . . and it's only Wednesday. Been to a friend's house twice, the airport twice and to a Dr. in Willoughby once since Sunday. My poor old beater car doesn't know what to do with itself. We're having my in-laws over for dinner and a bike ride later on in the day and I'm really looking forward to that. Meanwhile, it's sunny and breezy and a perfect day for hanging laundry.

Dog Health Tips of The Day