Happy St. Patrick's Day

Some Irish recipes for those so inclined

While I, myself am Irish to some extent, my hubby is not so we're havin' sketti for supper but I did get to watch "The Quiet Man"

We've really had ups and downs this last couple of weeks. Hubby made the news. http://content.usatoday.com/topics/article/Places,+Geography/Towns,+Cities,+Counties/Cleveland/0gjW00QgfG1lY/1
A good friend got a good job after being laid off, another good friend got to hire help he desperately needed and yet a third has been out of work long enough to be frantic. We have 2 friends who are pregnant and another who is working on acquiring custody of a little one whom she just loves. There are 2 we care about who have had some bad breaks in their love lives and a family member's upcoming wedding. (In Hawaii, no less) One good friend cleared of cancer and a family member who was confirmed with an aggressive type. Lots to be happy about, lots to pray about, lots to do in any case. I guess those are the three leaves of my shamrock... happy, sad, and busy. Wish me Luck!

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