getting rid of re-direct.

If you were redirected from this blog, you have my apologies. Apparently a company called "" will pay you to put a redirect on your website. They don't appear to have any checks in place to make sure that the owner of the website is actually notified. so, apparently some one unbeknownst to me has been making money off of redirecting MY blog. If you're another google blogger, be very very careful about what gadgets you add to your website as this is apparently how many of these theives take over your blog. The only way I found to make it stop was to go in thru the dashboard in edit mode, click "Edit" on my various gadgets and watch to see if that gadget redirects. If it does, I closed that tab, went back into it from the layout screen and started clicking the "stop" button on my web browser (I have internet explorer.. the button is an "X" right at the end of the address bar) Once I had the redirect stopped, I was able to click the "remove" button. Then I had to really click fast on the "OK" on the popup window to get it to actually remove. gadgets actually originating from blogger.. such as my archive, my own pictures etc were ok but a bowling game, gandhi quotes etc that other people made and then made available contained the redirect. I had 3 things that did the redirect. I wonder if we can sue for the money they paid someone else to use our sites without our permission