snow dogs

Hard to believe the snow was this deep but it snowed without pause all day today. Joel took the dogs out this afternoon to let them "go" and play with them a little bit. The boys had a blast running and wrestling.. Jas played some but the arthritis in her hips limited the activity. By the time I was taking these pictures and video, the birds had had enough of the dogs and abandoned the feeders. When the dogs first ran out though, the first order of business was to git dem birds.

We have a flock of wild turkeys living in the woods on the other side of the road. I wonder what the dogs would do with them.. . .

Warm? weather.

At least I got the Christmas lights out of the yard... mostly.. I missed the weekend just before the snow and ice hit and ended up with them frozen in place until just today. How ironic that my drunken snowman who spent most of Christmas face down in the snow was frozen upright when it was darned near embarassing to have him there. I couldn't get the little trees though, they were still frozen tight in. The picture in my slideshow of the colored lights thru ice is one of those mini trees. The big wreath on the front door might get to stay too. it's got red and blue lights on it so it should be ok to leave it up till memorial day when the temperature might be above freezing.

Inauguration Day!!

Whether with him or against him, I don't think anyone could deny that today is an exciting day.

New years resolutions

I resolve to eat healthier, swear less, pray without ceasing, learn Spanish, have someone over for dinner every Thursday and at least one Saturday a month, find time for a form of excercise that won't kill my knees, try borrowing or renting books and movies rather than just buying them, and try to take in fewer strays. I'm willing to concede that not every homeless creature in the world needs to have a home here. Between pet food and bird seed this icy winter, we're puttin out enough cash to feed a sizable village in Africa according to the "Feed the Children" commercials on late night TV. I'm going to try and be a little more ruthless too. I've already let my beloved switch to a kill trap from a live trap for the mice that keep invading our happy home. We're up to 9 mice released gently into the wild since Christmas and he's convinced the little suckers are finding their way back in. I do not begrudge him his angst since he's the one trudging across the road through the deep snow and nasty cold. I think that would make anyone cranky. We do think we found the problem and patched it up, thankfully, but the next little bugger who finds his way in is going die in a way that my hubby assures me will be less painful than the method the cats have in mind. He has been a really good sport about my "catch and release program" but has finally had enough and told me that he would still do the "release" part but I have to clean out the live traps after the startled little dears void themselves in that narrow little box. ..... turns out that there's a lot of mess for such a tiny little creature.... I finally decided that if he feels so strongly about the trap issue, I can compromise.... all in the interest of marital harmony, of course
Happy New Year!

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