Back to work(ing)

Working on the house, that is. Still no job for my happy hobo self. Hubby is still greatly entertained by calling me a kept woman. We have started making a family room area in the basement. I personally thought that we'd deal with flooring and walls and insulation and heat first but, I was shown the error of my ways and we got a big TV to start with. He was fortunate enough to get a bonus this year mostly due to his hard work so I did want him to have something to enjoy it with and we haven't had a new tv in a long time. So, the new tv is downstairs on an old desk with older chairs in front of it waiting on our first fun and games night. I did get to order new furniture for the living room out of the deal so I shouldn't poke fun. We're actually starting to live like other people.. real furniture instead of hand me downs and cheapie stuff, finished walls and ceilings. By the time our 20th anniversary hits this year, we might be living like grownups. Perish the thought

my dog plays with cat toys

My poor confused dog...

This is why I have birdfeeders

Several years ago, a family up the road found turkey eggs and a dead momma turkey. So, they hatched the eggs and let the turkeys go free. One of the turkeys took up residence in my cousin's barn, next door.. and came over to my house for lunch everyday. She and my goofiest dog, Loki, played tag together although I don't think either of them realized that it was a game. I've seen turkeys up around the barn and such lately but never this close to the house. The dogs seem to keep the bigger animals away from the immediate area. I'm wondering if "Tina the turkey" remembered where to get a free meal or if this is just co-incidence.

That was some game

I don't normally follow a lot of football these days although I do maintain a fondness for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I loved them in the 70's and was a huge fan of the Steel Curtain. Even so, I went to hang out with friends on Superbowl Sunday. Since the game was still going on when we got home, we turned it on to watch before going to bed. I was amazed. I really thought the Cardinals won it there in the last three minutes. YAY STEELERS!!

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