Merry Christmas!

Remember Christmas when we were young?
Catching Snowflakes on our tongues..
When Magic crackled in the air
And waiting was so hard to bear.

Merry Christmas

Just a little Holiday cheer

I can't believe it's almost Christmas

What happened to the days when the last week before Christmas seemed to take forever?

What a roller coaster ride this last week or so has been. We got an unexpected bonus from work, won prizes at the company Christmas party, and my beloved was sick as a dog all night long last night. Today we've had quite the icy wind blowing around. Knocked Santa off the swing set and pulled down a bow off the decorations. seems like a lot of really up moments and really down ones. Hopefully everything evens out by Christmas. At least Joel had a great birthday Wednesday.

Yay! Outside Christmas decorations are up!!

We just got back from Joel's company Christmas dinner. Very nice time. It was at Dante's in Cleveland, not too far from the valley view bridge. They did a casino night which we had to leave early since we have a new puppy to worry about. It was an ugly drive home with the snow flying in our faces but kind of pretty to actually get here with snow on the lights and all.

Sad news

We got home this evening and found Ludo had passed. It's always hard to lose a pet even one I'd only had for such a short time.

Lighting of the Square

e e e e

Our tiny little town out here does a pretty nice job of Christmas lights. If you play the video, you'll see a tiny mockup of our oldest buildings in the picnic pavilion. It's the 25th year the square has been decorated like this. We had carols and cookies and pouring rain. But, it's kind of nice even with the rain. Most people know each other (or are related to each other). We have the high school choir sing songs and then we all sing songs and then go in the old town hall for cookies and cocoa while a small instrumental group from the highschool plays carols. Very old fashioned Christmas type time. I don't even mind getting a cold from standing in the rain.

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