I got a wave board for Christmas

It's a 2 wheeled skateboard for me to kill myself on. VERY cool My niece and nephew were trying to teach me to ride one this fall and now I have one of my own. I also got a beautiful opal on onyx cameo necklace from my hubby who has AMAZING taste in jewelry. The capper was the 105 shell that gets fired from the cannons on an ac-130. very very very cool. I'm going to put a flower arrangement in it. I was happy to see that I chose pretty well for the people we love. We got mom an afghan with the lyrics to a hym she loves. We got his mom and dad memory for a camera and storage memory. We also got the dogs rawhides.. we may regret that one though

Merry Christmas!

Our little town... not Bethlehem.

OOOhh Crappy daaaayy

That's probably somehow blasphemous since it's a religious song but it has been the tune running thru my mind all day. My beloved hubby is stuck in Chicago babysitting his least favorite client. They've screwed around and screwed around for weeks, not doing their part of a data conversion unless he's actually standing over them. Very frustrating time for him. He missed his birthday, a nephew's band concert and church events he was looking forward to because of their incompetence and now it looks like he might lose part of his Christmas vacation too. Of course his company is saying they'll make up the days to him in January when he couldn't care less. I suppose that I could remember that there are people in the world worse off than me and that in the general scope of things I have it pretty good.. Maybe later.. right now, I'm going to make tea, light candles, put on good sulking music and have a nice pout.

Counting down

I have such a busy week this week. Last night was the Christmas party for our church's women's group. We eat lots of good food and open presents and laugh and goof off. I found out that my secret sister for gifts this year also had my name. I hope I did half as well for her as she did for me. I got a russian cookbook, a snowglobe and a beautiful fretwork cross. I love the unusual cookbooks. now it's borscht for Christmas.. my family will be thrilled.