sucks to be me right now.

I stubbed my toe a couple of days ago and turned the whole thing purple. because I apparently have some subconcious need for pain, I've bumped the same toe three more times. Tonight, we let the dog out when we got home from grocery shopping and he promptly found himself a skunk. I got to wrestle with him in the tub and now we get to listen to him bark because he doesn't understand why we blocked him out of the room we're in. Anyone know a good way to deskunk a dog?

The morning after

I started Karate last night. I'm not sure how I feel about the class yet. I'm pretty sure how I feel about the achy joints and muscles. I signed up for three months so I guess I'll see how I feel about it in another month or so. I figure I can do almost anything for three months and I don't think there's any form of physical training or exercise that shows results in just a month so three seems like a good amount of time to really know if this is for me or not. It's at the same dojo where Joel studies so I've forbidden him from the premises during my classes. I can only handle one task master at a time and I don't have to live with Marcum Sensei.

I've gotten "approval" for the handles and hinges I got for the church's kitchen cupboards. Not that I needed to answer to anyone other than the other trustees but I am always very conscious of the fact that this building and congregation are second home and family to the people who grew up in it as I did. I feel like a 'bad daughter' if someone's feelings get hurt over our choices or if someone isn't happy with the job we've done.

I went for a bike ride down the trail near our house this evening and took some cool sunset pictures.


Today's fun and games went very well despite a decided lack of over preparation on our part. We had great weather and a great time.

A second post!

For someone who can chat for as long as I can in person, you'd think I could think of something to say here. I've had a busy summer between surgery and our August party and all the work we did on the house. We have a new front porch and have done quite a bit of repair work on the bathroom and front room. I picked up guitar hero for the first time about a week and a half ago and have already solved the whole game on easy and am now mostly through with the medium level. Hubby loves his new job which is great and he gets to do a lot of it from home since he's on development projects. I've also finally got a complete idea for what I want the kitchen to look like which is a wonderful relief. We need to get going on it but it's hard to really jump in and get rid of old when you have no idea what you want the new to look like.